Our story

We first met at a wrestling show, where else?

This is a story about two people who simply love pro wrestling and found a way for it to be part of their daily lives! Nick has a background in E-Commerce, John in design. More importantly, they both love pro wrestling and share a creative vision. 

Because Nick loves hats, like really loves them (he has like 50+) and John is a wrestling historian, it was only a matter of time before the idea of having a fashion brand inspired by wrestling came about. One day when travelling to a show Nick brought up the idea of always wanting his own hats inspired by pro wrestling, straight away, John couldn’t stop contributing ideas for designs. Between Nick's love of hats with John's knowledge of wrestling history and love of design, it was the perfect team.

So they tagged up, turned pro and began the process of making our theories on wrestling and fashion a reality...

Our Vision

What is Canvas Theory?

To us, Canvas Theory is the love of wrestling. We love going to wrestling shows, but we wanted to represent wrestling outside of the ring too!

We want to offer a fresh perspective on street fashion by letting the world in on all the inspiring visuals offered by the world of Pro Wrestling.

Our goal is to provide anybody looking for a new look, an option they won't find anywhere else through an experience. Pro Wrestling is a visual art form blending sport and spectacle that has been adopted by cultures across the world. 

 We want to share our culture and contribute to it by offering unique passionate designs for everybody who wants to bring some strong style to their streetwear. We're on a mission to make you look good, and represent the thing you love the most. 

Introducing the

Canvas Theory Collection

Our signature collection. The idea of a 'Canvas Theory' is discovering and expressing what you love about wrestling the most. Wrestling means something different to everyone and that is what is so great about it.

What is wrestling? Tell us your canvas theory...

Introducing the

Lucha Libre Collection

The Lucha Libre collection in Spanish translating to "free fight" as well as being the primary term for professional wrestling in Mexico. It is unique in that it is a very rapid and high flying style which have been moulded into other styles, primarily in North America. 

Introducing the

Puroist Collection

From the Japanese term of professional wrestling otherwise known as "pro-wres". The Puroist collection is in honour to the hard hitting, Japanese style of pro wrestling which we love and appreciate today.