We are proud to present the Okami collection with Karl Fredericks. Okami meaning “wolf” in Japanese is a blend of who Karl Fredericks is as a person, while leaning into the Japanese culture. This collection brings together multiple cultural influences honouring Karl’s native American heritage while also tapping into Japanese culture, though the idea of Okami, the sacred wolf, occupies a spiritual position in both cultures. 

Karl, is a rising star pro wrestling seen in the United States and Japan where he applies the ‘mamba mentality’ to all aspects of his game,  which our Okami collection taps into. The Okami collection consists of two designs, the ‘Kanji’ design and the ‘Slasher (3D)’ design:

  • The “Kanji” design is a representation of Karl's in-ring style, fashion sense and mindset with “Kami” meaning spirit in the Japanese language. 
  • The “Slasher (3D)” design is connected to Karl’s love of horror movies (Friday the 13th, part III) merged with his love of wrestling, ultimately bringing two of Karl’s life passions together as a fashion collection.