Introducing the

Canvas theory collection

Our signature collection. The idea of a "Canvas Theory" is discovering and expressing what you love about wrestling the most. What is wrestling? Tell us your canvas theory...

Introducing the

Puroist Collection

From the Japanese term of professional wrestling otherwise known as "pro-wres". The Puroist collection is in honour to the Japanese style of pro wrestling which we love and appreciate today. 

Introducing the

Lucha Libre collection

The Lucha Libre collection in Spanish translating to "free fight" as well as being the primary term for professional wrestling in Mexico. It is unique in that it is a very rapid and high flying style which have been moulded into other styles, primarily in North America. 

Introducing the

Catch collection

Derived from the style of wrestling in the United Kingdom (UK) during the 1870's, but now very much across Europe as a whole. The "Catch" wrestling style which is a hybrid between grappling and combat sport is an honour to the UK and European wrestling we know of today. 


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