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Unsanctioned Championships

I love the minutae of pro wrestling. The little footnotes and oddities that make being an amateur historian of the wrestling world so damn interesting. When I was a child and I'd find myself poring through wrestling magazines and almanacs I'd always come unglued whenever I saw a picture of a wrestler holding a championship belt I didn't recognise. If I'd then look through the title histories provided by publications like PWI and find no mentions of the titles in the official records it would only make the hunt even more mysterious. So, I've decided to do a brief overview of some of my favourite Unsanctioned Wrestling Championships. One thing all of these belts have in common is that they...

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What if Shawn Michaels had refused to lose at Wrestlemania XIV?

Looking back with hindsight, its easy to see that Shawn Michael’s 3rd and final WWF Championship run was a transitional one. HBK was a poor long term prospect, admitting himself in many interviews that he was riddled with both addictions and injuries. After Survivor Series 97 and Bret Hart’s flight to Atlanta the WWF had a drought of true main eventers. Vince McMahon’s situation was so dire that he was forced to place Michaels in a position of vast importance in the hope that he could use HBK’s status to build the burgeoning Steve Austin into something special.   Besides HBK, the only other established top line player was the Undertaker who was involved in what would become a star...

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What if Sting had been the Third Man in the NWO?

  Its been reported, most recently on the Monday Night War, that the original choice for the NWO’s “third man” at Bash at the Beach 96 was slated to be Sting. When I first heard this I thought two things, “thats a perfect choice” and “it wouldn’t have worked”. In this article I try and elaborate on those snap conclusions. Thinking about it, Sting would’ve been a perfect choice to be the third man. He was a homegrown WCW star and the brightest white meat babyface they had from 88-96. Ever since his career making performance against Ric Flair at the inaugural Clash of the Champions Sting was everybody's favourite action figure. He was colourful, high flying and fun. Can you...

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