"What do I love about pro wrestling?"


I don’t think it's possible for me to have a specific answer to that question. 


I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was about five years old when I caught a glimpse of my first matches on Saturday morning television. There was something about what I was seeing that just clicked with me. It checked a box in my soul I didn’t know was there. 


Pro Wrestling was like a version of the real world that made sense to a five year old.  


It also just made me feel better about myself. It was this cool, inviting thing that provided hours of wonder and gave me something to talk to other children about. 


Wrestling still acts as a social lubricant for me, many of my nearest and dearest were people I met through our shared fandom. 


I guess what I love about wrestling is that I still love it nearly 30 years after first encountering it. 


When I’m watching a great match I still get hyped up, its like a feeling of lightness in my chest. It feels like I’m so happy I might burst. Until I scream something in support of my favourite grappler to let off the steam. 


The high of a great match can’t be duplicated by anything else. 


I just love it. 


I feel it. Every chop, suplex, and pinfall. I’m right there and I feel alive. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life with wrestling in it, always the same and always changing. 



August 22, 2019 — John Carbery