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The Canvas Theory meets Andy Quildan.....again.

We first spoke to Andy Quildan in January of this year (2016) when AJ Styles had his final match with the promotion one week prior to him debuting with WWE as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.  We caught up with Andy again this past week to discuss the recent Global Wars events which Rev Pro put together in conjunction with NJPW, how he put the Vader and Will Ospreay match together, Rev Pro's Wrestlemania weekend plans plus much more..

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The Canvas Theory meets Jordan Devlin

This past weekend OTT was in Limerick and Dublin. After the Limerick show on Friday night, we got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Jordan Devlin and discuss how he got into wrestling, why he took a year off, his recent WWE tryout and more...  

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John Cena Turning Heel, When, Now, Ever?

The topic of John Cena turning heel has no doubt come up in many conversations between wrestling fans over the past few years and his career has been a controversial one to say the least. There is no doubt the man can work and has the ability to draw yet he is constantly berated by the older teenage and male adult demographic (for example the “Lets go Cena, CENA SUCKS” chants are now synonymous with any John Cena WWE appearance). This is all due to Cena and his ‘poopy’ references and promos and constant winning in feuds as the face of the WWE since around mod 2005. Cena has been this way since he dropped his ‘Vanilla Ice’ rapper gimmick...

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